Monday, October 15, 2007

My top 5 picks are:

  • May Sugalan

  • Ken Historillo

  • Clement Cabrera

  • Ma. Kris Janda

-hehe four lang pala yan..nwei congrats guys..

I really enjoy our times together. .God Bless..

Friday, October 12, 2007

c0mputer 1..

Honestly, the first time that I saw our professor in computer 1, I said to myself that my computer 1 ( computer is one of my favorite subjects when I was in highschool) will going to be a bit boring. I wasn't really that inspired and determined to attend my class that I think my professor won't really remember even my name. But as our class in computer started, I found it really interesting especially on our professor's methods of teaching.I actually, learned a lot . I never thought I will enjoy exploring and discovering a lot about computer programs. I even thought of shifting my course to computer engineering from my present course,well, unfortunately I wasn't blessed with a brain like Ms. Joan PiƱon and other computer engineers in the country.
I really had a great time doing my blog posts for our final project. Atleast I can confidently say that I am already a computer Literate.

coLLege Life

My college life is really one of a kind experience. Although I'm only in my second year level and that there are still a long, long way to go before I will be able to finish it, I already had lots of experiences.
I am a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication student and as what like other college student, I am also entitled to accomplish the given tasks to me. It is not just the pressures, projects, lessons and activities that made this recent part of my life a one of a kind experience. It is also the people around me from different walks of life that I've been with and associated with. They add spices to my college life as well as to my personal life.
My professors taught me a lot not ust academically. They've been an inspiration and somehow mplded and shaped me to become a better pereson who can always stand for what's good and right.
My friends and classmates showed me how genuine friendship is. They never gave up on me and for that, I am very grateful. Because of these persons, I think college life is worth all my effort and determination.